Professor Kenya Wiley Joins Fordham Law Panel on Fashion Law and Cultural Appropriation

by | Oct 22, 2021 | Fashion Law

Fashion Policy Counsel and Professor Kenya Wiley recently participated in a panel discussion at Fordham Law School’s 29th Annual IPLJ Symposium titled “IP Interrupted: Diverse Voices in Intellectual Property.” Kenya joined the panel discussion on BIPOC creations and cultural appropriation in fashion, alongside Angie Byun, CEO, AB WORLD and Marcela Bolland González, Partner, Uhthoff, Gómez Vega & Uhthoff Sc. Professor Susan Scafidi, Founder & Director of the Fashion Law Institute at Fordham Law moderated the discussion.

Kenya discussed recent examples of cultural appropriation in Hip Hop and sustainability, and legal concerns from BIPOC voices, including compensation and consultation with the source communities during the design process. Read more about Fordham’s recent IPLJ Symposium here.

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