Kenya Discusses Fashion Policy in Conscious Style Podcast

by | Sep 7, 2023 | Fashion Law, Social Justice

September marks the unofficial end of summer, and in Washington, the return of Congress. Kenya recently joined Elizabeth Joy of the Conscious Style Podcast to discuss the latest developments in fashion policy—including the 2023 Farm Bill, how the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decisions will impact labor and environmental policy and action steps for successful advocacy in Washington.

If you’re interested in a more in-depth discussion on fashion policy, we invite you to sign up for Fashion Policy and Justice—as part of Fashion Law and Social Justice. Fashion Policy and Justice includes eight sessions discussing: action steps to help shape legislation and regulations related to the business of fashion; the history of U.S. fashion policy; fashion labor and civil rights; sneaker culture and developments in IP law; environmental and sustainability policy; and fashion tech, data privacy and AI.

Fashion Law and Social Justice (FLSJ)—founded by award-winning fashion policy counsel and professor Kenya Wiley—provides educational and industry resources to help build a diverse, equitable and inclusive fashion talent pipeline.

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